Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman, to the CarnyCon…

All our thanks to the Carnivale guests and fans who made CarnyCon weekend so special! It was an amazing time for all!


The CarnyCon DVD sets are now shipping!
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Carnivàle Season 2, now on DVD!
Updated: Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The DVD set releases today, and it has already made it up to #10 on Amazon.com's Top Sellers List! Amazon has Season 2 for $64.99 (click here to visit their site), and the set is also selling at Best Buy for the same price with Season 1 also on sale there for $54.99.

Season 2 now available to pre-order at Amazon.com! The set is priced at $69.99

Carnivàle web site wins Best of the Web!

The 2006 Webby Winners were announced today, and Carnivale's "Creating the Scene" site at HBO.com won the Webby Award and the People's Voice Award in the Television category!

Watch our CarnyCon Welcome Video, made by Kate Regan:

"Hero" - Watch now!

"Creating the Scene" on HBO's Carnivale web site has been nominated for a Webby Award! Click the image above to visit WebbyAwards.com and see the winners on Tuesday, May 9.

Carnivàle Season 2 to be released onto DVD on July 19!
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CarnyCon 2005 was a 5-day online convention for fans of HBO's Carnivàle. CarnyCon offered visitors new interviews with many members from the cast and creative team of Carnivàle, Carnivàle themed web games, behind-the-scenes photos, and a unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with cast and crew in our chat room, the Chow Tent. Over the course of the weekend, the website logged in over 15,000 hits, and now stands at over 65,000.

Please visit the original CarnyCon site here.


Come one, come all...

CarnyCon LIVE was a weekend-long fan convention held April 21 - 23, 2006 in Woodland Hills, California.

CarnyCon LIVE began Friday evening with a casual Meet & Greet Reception for the fans. Carnival treats, such as popcorn, ice cream drumsticks, corndogs, lemonade & sodas were served, and the fans had the opportunity to mingle and get to know one another in a friendly and fun-filled atmosphere. Some of our Carnivàle special guests -- Daniel Knauf, Michael J. Anderson, Amanda Aday, Clancy Brown, Debra Christofferson, Brian Turk, and Diane Salinger -- even stopped by to say hello! There was also live entertainment, including Tarot Card readings by Stacey Haines of Witch-on-Wheels, the sleight of hand/mentalist talents of Master Magician, Rich Ferguson, and a special performance by the astounding Rubber Boy, himself, Daniel Browning Smith!

Saturday was filled with Question and Answer panel sessions with members from the Carnivàle cast and crew, as well as an afternoon autograph session. We broke for a "New York Deli" lunch buffet, and in the evening we had an "American" dinner buffet (that's right -- "We got Pie!") and held a party to celebrate the show. We also showed fan-made music videos and offered some terrific items in our on-site CarnyCon auction.

Sunday began with a "Carnivàle" Writers Panel. And in the afternoon, there was an "Art of Carnivàle" panel, with several of the behind-the-scenes artisans and craftsmen -- Chrisi Karvonides, Rob Hinderstein, Roger King, and Paul Breuninger -- who made the look and feel of "Carnivàle" so spectacular.


Daniel Knauf (Creator/Exec. Producer), Amanda Aday (Dora Mae), Michael J. Anderson (Samson), Patrick Bauchau (Lodz), Clancy Brown (Brother Justin), Daniel Browning Smith (Rollo, the Rubber Boy), K Callan (Eleanor), Debra Christofferson (Lila), Cynthia Ettinger (Rita Sue), John Fleck (Gecko), Carla Gallo (Libby), Robert Knepper (Tommy Dolan), Scott MacDonald (Burley), Diane Salinger (Appolonia), Brian Turk (Gabe), Ralph Waite (Rev. Norman Balthus), and Bree Walker (Sabina).

Members of the creative team: Tracy Torme, Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin, Chrisi Karvonides, Rob Hinderstein, Roger King, and Paul Breuninger

Adrienne Barbeau (Ruthie), Tim DeKay (Jonesy), and John Carroll Lynch (Stroud) appeared via phone from New York.

Contact: The CarnyCon Convention Comittee.