5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Car Tyres

How long can car tyres last? 

Well, there is no precise answer to this question as there are several factors that determine the lifespan of your car tyres. 

For instance, your driving habits, weather and road conditions, design of the tyres, care taken, are all some of the factors that determine the lifespan of the tyres.

Your car tyres control car traction, steering, braking, and stability. 

When they start getting worn out, you need to replace them to avoid serious consequences. 

Worn-out tyres are prone to cracks and can make it hard for you to apply emergency breaks. 

Don’t let worn-out tyres compromise your safety and that of other road users.

Use these signs to know the right time to change your car tyres before you put yourself and your vehicle at a risk of an accident.

1. Examine Tread Depth

This is the most obvious way to check signs of wear on your tyres. 

Shallow treads are a clear indicator that your grip has reduced and it is time to replace your tyres.

Checking the tread depth of your tyres is very simple.

You just need to look for the tread wear indicator on your tyre, and you will know the remaining tread depth.

Most of the times, tyres come with a tread wear indicator but if you can’t see it, just go to an automotive store to have it checked for you.

You can also use the penny test whereby you insert a 20p and place it in the main tread groove. If the outer ring of the ring is inside the tread, then your tyre still has some miles to go.

2. Unusual Vibrations

It is normal to feel vibrations when driving, especially when you are on rough roads. 

However, you know something is not right when the vibrations persist when you are driving on a smooth motorway.

While vibrations can be as a result of faults in your car, including having faulty shock absorber and poor wheel alignment, a worn-out tyre can also be the culprit.

If you check for wheel alignment and shock absorbents and find them all in good shape, then the problem might be your tyre.

Vibrations caused by worn-out tyre normally increases as you go faster. If you feel the vibrations coming from under the seats, the rear tyres might be worn out.

3. Abnormal Bumps or Bulges

If you notice any abnormal bumps, bulges, or knots on any of your car tyres, then it is time to replace the tyres. 

Bubbles or bulges in your tyres may be caused by driving through large potholes or driving with low tyre pressure.

If the bulge is in the sidewall of a tyre, this is an indication that the internal frame of a tyre has been damaged or compromised. 

This means that air pressure is leaking from the integral frame and finding its way to the flexible outer layer of the tyre.

You should never drive with tyres that have bumps, bubbles, or bulges as this means their structural integrity has been significantly reduced. 

Driving with such tyres can put you at risk of accidents, especially when you hit top speeds. 

Therefore, replace the affected tyres as soon as possible.

4. Frequent Punctures

When your car tyre is worn out, there is a possibility of experiencing frequent punctures. 

This because the rubber tread is exhausted, thereby making it easy for sharp objects such as metal wires, nails, and broken glass to puncture your tyre.

When in good shape, the thickened rubber tread prevents objects from penetrating the tyre, which explains why it is rare to experience punctures when the tyres are new.

Therefore, if you start experiencing frequent punctures, then know it’s time for a tyre change.

5. Tyre Lifespan

Just like other car parts, tyres have their lifespan, which is roughly five years. 

After this period, the rubber compound begins to disintegrate, thereby leaving them more susceptible to cracks and blisters.

Lifespan can also be indicated by the number of kilometers clocked. 

If you travel a lot every day, you may need to check the number of kilometers you have covered to know if your tyres need to be replaced. 

In ideal city roads, tyres can serve you for about 40,000-50,000 kilometers.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended that you replace your car tyres in sets of four, especially for all-wheel drive vehicles. 

Ensure that all the four tyres are of the same size, tread design, brand, tread depth, and construction to prevent wheel misalignment and differences in the outer diameter of the tyres. 

Even the smallest difference may cause mechanical malfunction or vibrations.

If you are looking for reliable tyres, you can explore varieties on the internet.

They have quality tyres from different brands that will serve you for longer. 

Most of their tyres come with a guarantee.

Car Tyres – Best Advice You Can Get in Singapore

Singapore Car Tyres Are Difficult to Maintain

To extend the life span of your automobile is determined by the willingness and the skill of the automobile owner in keeping proper tyre pressures. These hints will aid you in setting a tyre test up, ensuring more critical security and, and much more tyre life.

Is the Tyre Pressure Right?

tyre pressure

Tyre inflation pressures often cause damage. It is an essential element in providing stability and the street holding of your automobile. Pressures, therefore, are vital for maximum traction. Braking and tyre life are associated with vehicle performance, load, and speed. Stress tests for your car should be run while tyres are cold, using an accurate tyre pressure gauge. As stress does increase, do not deflate or inflat the tyres while tyres are still hot. Tyre pressures ought to be precisely the same for the two tyres on the exact equal axles.

Are You Using the Right 4×4 Tyre Relevant?

Please make sure you take your load and primary road conditions and usage when purchasing 4×4 or Light truck tyres. Car passenger tyres (that are usually cheaper) are created for light-load programs and moderate gravel & tarred Singapore streets, while, by comparison, LT/Commercial spec tyres are robustly designed for heavy loads and demanding off-road ailments. Adding a passenger-carcass tyre off-road 4×4 into some heavy-use is going to lead to ceaseless tyre problems like low mileage and punctures.

Under Inflation of Tyres?

tyres under inflated

If your tyres are under-inflation for a while, it will trigger corrosion, and the casing will bend, resulting in having shoulder wear at each surface of that area. Damage on tyres that are inflated isn’t visible unless the tyre is demounted in the rim, and happens into the cable body, within the tyre. You wouldn’t want that for your car.

Over Inflation of Tyres?

Shaky and uncomfortable ride with street contact and tread surface, leading to excessive wear in the middle in the area. Many more tyres suffer into the area from impact fractures as a result of inadequate flexibility of the shell during driving. Unless the tyre is demounted, the rim damage isn’t instantly observable.

Tyre Care and Damage

All of Firestone steel belted passenger walkers have been issued using the FREE TYRE Damage Guarantee of Firestone. The brand new eco-friendly Bridgestone Ecopia array of passenger tyres now are also issued using all the FREE TYRE Damage Guarantee.

Valve Caps

Caps function as an air seal and have to be fitted in any way times. Failure allows dirt to enter the valve center, which will end as a result of internal heart spring malfunctioning rather than letting the valve in air reduction.

Stress Boost

Tyre pressures grow, as mentioned before. Never adjust pressures while tyres are still hot. When designing the tyre, this growth is allowed by the manufacturers. Nitrogen is recommended as a substitute for air.

Wheel Alignment

Based on type of streets which you drive in Singapore, your vehicle’s wheel alignment is an essential and vital item. Misalignment of the suspension of your car may cause driver fatigue on an elongated trip.

Wheel Balancing

Every 8,000 to 10,000 km’s must and needs to be rotated. The next time you visit a Singapore tyre shop like Amtyre, get them to do it for your car. Besides boosting tyre wear unbalance, this will also fix vibration and handling issues.

Staggered Setups

Many high-performance rear-wheel-drive automobiles, notably BMW and Mercedes sedans, are what is known as a”staggered” set up, meaning the back brakes are an inch wider than the fronts. This provides for a bigger contact patch on the drive wheels and tyre. It takes some attention, although this really is a fantastic thing. It usually means that the wheels can’t be rotated back to front, because while the front wheels will fit just fine on the trunk, putting the back wheels onto the front won’t fit correctly and will likely cause the tyres to rub against the suspension. The front and back tyres will be two sizes that are distinct, meaning that care has to be taken when mounting and getting tyres to make sure that the tyres go on at the right positions and that the dimensions are correct.

Tyre Rotation

Every 8,000 to 10,000 km’s must be rotated. A recommendation on all automobile kinds of rotation is to get it periodically. Car tyre shops in Singapore usually have tyre promotion which you can check out.

Wheel Nut/Lug Torque

Refitting and when removing a meeting, make sure that studs or wheel nuts are tightened to the appropriate torque measurement. Don’t use air-driven equipment to loosen or tighten bolts or wheel nuts of your car tyres. The usage of a wheel spanner has to be utilized, and the bolts or nuts might be tightened/torqued having a precise torque wrench.

Abnormal Tread Wear

Wear that is abnormal will be a symptom of a flaw of the motor vehicle and will soon be observable. Each wear routine or mixes of use patterns will signal specific mechanical issues for your car tyres i.e., incorrect inflation, and improper wheel alignment, shock absorber collapsed, worn stabilizer bushes, play in the steering, high spotting on wheels and tread separation. This seldom happens to a run flat tyre. It’ll be required to maintain these things adjusted or replaced/repaired and checked.

Providing Info

Information about buying car products are limited especially in Singapore.

Carnycon aims to bring the information to you so the next time you buy any car products especially car tyres, you will know what to do.

With so little information on car related products in SG, we aim to bring only the best kind of knowledge here. Stay tune!